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A Combination Of Irresistible Style, Luxury And Exquisite Taste.

92 Points, 15 International Spirits Awards!

Voted Best French Vodka In Multiple Countries.

We produce our vodka in France using the best winter wheat, distilling 5x's and blending with water sourced from the French Alps.

Meticulously Hand-Detailed

Each of our limited-edition bottles are uniquely hand detailed. And to really show off we also include Teaz custom LED bottle light. 

Teaz Vodka

Teaz Lights & More

Teaz Style


 "The palate is also very easy going, making for one of the most neutral and soft vodkas I’ve ever encountered."

Christopher Null


"The vodka is smooth and very clean with a nice subtle finish."

Peter Peterson

Nightclub & Bar

"The bottle design will certainly be a big hit at the gentlemen’s clubs."

Genevieve Ferratusco


"Unique, sexy, vodka brand Teaz Vodka is a new and exciting brand that stands out from all other vodka brands."

Start Ups LA

Teaz Vodka is available in the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Behind the brand


Teaz Story

We Hope You See, Feel And Taste The Passion That Goes Into Creating Teaz Vodka


Tonya, Founder & CEO