Teaz Light It Up Pack

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✨Teaz Vodka Light It Up Pack 💡

  • ( 1 ) Teaz Multi Color Coaster Light🔌 •Rechargeable 
  • ( 2 ) Teaz Multi Color Bottle Lights
  • ( 2 ) Teaz Lighted Acrylic Shot Glasses 

Wait until you check out our liquid activated lighted shot glasses.  Just pour your shot and they light up! When your shot is empty the light turns off. 

Teaz coaster light, just place your bottle of Teaz Vodka on your coaster light to activate, your colors will rotate. Your coaster light also comes with a USB rechargeable cord. 

Your pack also comes with 4 multi color bottle lights. Red, White, Blue and rotating colors all in one light. Place your bottle light directly to the base of your bottle. (remove the small sticker to active ) 

Last but not least you'll also receive 2 Teaz Girl Stickers. They of course look great on anything...

Now sit back and enjoy your light show...  Cheers!